Who We Are

We're experts in public health and health promotion

We’re a team…

of expert public health researchers and consultancy professionals who are passionate about best-practice approaches to health and wellbeing. We strive for excellence in the transfer and application of knowledge in health promotion, underpinned by a world-recognised program of research.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Helping workplaces build healthier workforces through creating ‘dynamic’ workplaces, that encourage and support opportunities to be active throughout the day. A ‘dynamic’ workplace is not just about creating a physical environment that facilitates movement, but also shaping a workplace culture that supports it.
  • Helping organisations and industry professionals improve the efficiency and utility of health promotion efforts and evaluations
  • Tailored health coaching using broad-reach and cost-effective delivery
  • Valid and reliable measurement of activity and data-driven feedback

What do we stand for?

At the Cancer Prevention Research Centre, we focus on understanding health behaviours (like physical activity, diet and sitting time) and their influences, as well as designing and evaluating behaviour change interventions to help people create and maintain changes for optimal health and wellbeing.

We take an ecological approach which means that we focus on individual influences, as well as the impact of the greater environment, like the people around us, our workplaces and our communities.

We believe that the translation of evidence into practice is of utmost importance and have formed the Healthy Lifestyle Consultancy group as a way of making sure people can access our work and our expertise.