BeUpstanding™ Workplace Packages

Evidence-based packages for your workplace designed for maximum impact
Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin

That’s why we’ve put together a range of BeUpstanding Workplace Packages designed to give workplaces what they need to raise awareness, build culture and create change for good. These packages are based on our world-leading program of research  and cutting-edge evidence on how to create and deliver successful workplace health programs.

Our expert consultants can work with you to help identify your goals and requirements, as well as co-design the best way to deliver BeUpstanding in your workplace.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation to help you understand how we can help and what package may be best suited to your needs.

Toolkit Package

You use our free online BeUpstanding Champion Toolkit PLUS

Choose from a range of services best suited to your needs and budget to add value and support:

  • Expert champion and team leader coaching
  • Launch seminars and tailored workshops for staff and management
  • Activity monitor hire and data-driven feedback for staff
  • Health and work outcome tracking and reporting
  • Tailored staff behaviour change coaching via SMS

Choose one of these packages where we run  BeUpstanding for you

Raise and Build Package

  • Our expert consultant team delivers a customised program in your workplace over 3 months
  • Tailored measurement and data-driven feedback to educate and motivate staff and management
  • Tailored management workshop to build a supportive culture
  • Interactive staff information and strategies workshop to raise awareness and build culture
  • Customised electronic BeUpstanding Resource Kit
  • 8 weeks of tailored, multimedia messaging based on the best available evidence
  • Summary report

Change Package

Raise and Build package PLUS

  • 8 weeks of tailored SMS coaching for staff to support behaviour change
  • Additional small group coaching for leaders in championing change

Sustain Package

Change Package PLUS

  • Re-launch event for staff at 3 months
  • BeUpstanding team challenge for 8 weeks including multimedia messaging to increase staff engagement and maintain momentum
  • Tailored electronic BeUpstanding Sustain Kit

These are just some of the services that we know work together to create powerful impact within workplaces. We can also talk to you about creating something customised to suit your workplace.

BeUpstanding Keynotes & Workshops

 Delivered by our leading researchers and expert consultants

Measurement & Data-Driven Feedback

Collect and analyse data to measure activity, health and work outcomes

BeUpstanding Workplace Packages

Evidence-based packages for your workplace delivered by expert consultants for maximum impact